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What is the difference between extrusion blow mold and injection blow molding

Extrusion, also known as extrusion molding, is the use of extruder (extruder) will heat the resin through the mold continuously, extrusion of the desired shape of the product method. Extrusion is also sometimes used in thermosetting plastic molding, and can be used in foam molding. Extrusion has the advantages of extrusion products of various shapes, high production efficiency, automatic and continuous production; The disadvantage is that thermosetting plastics can not be widely processed by this method, and the product size is easy to produce deviation. Injection molding is also called injection molding. Injection molding is the method of using an injection molding machine (or injection machine) to inject thermoplastic melt into the mold under high pressure and then cooling and curing the product. Injection molding can also be used for thermosetting plastics and foam molding. The advantages of injection molding are fast production speed, high efficiency, automatic operation, can shape complex parts, especially suitable for mass production. Disadvantages are high cost of equipment and mold, injection molding machine cleaning is more difficult.

Blow molding is also called hollow blow molding or hollow molding. Blow molding is a method of blowing the hot resin blank closed in the mold into hollow products with the pressure of compressed air. Blow molding includes two methods: blow molding film and blow molding hollow products. With the blow molding method can produce film products, all kinds of bottles, buckets, POTS containers and children’s toys.
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Post time: Nov-21-2022