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How many kinds of plastic are there, and how can you tell?

 (2)1, through the appearance of plastic to identify

By observing the appearance of plastics, plastic products can be preliminarily identified as belonging to the major categories: thermoplastic, thermosetting plastics or elastomers. General thermoplastics have crystallized and amorphous two types. Crystalline plastic appearance is translucent, milky or opaque, transparent only in the film state, hardness from soft to horny.

Amorphous is generally colorless and completely transparent without additives. Thermosetting plastics are usually filled and impermeable, and are transparent if they do not contain fillers. The elastomer has a rubbery feel and a certain tensile rate.

2, through the density of plastic identification

Different types of plastics have different densities. The method of determining the density can be used to identify plastics, but the foamed products should be separated at this time, because the density of the foamed plastic is not the true density of the material. In the actual industry, there are also the use of plastic density to separate plastic.

3, through the pyrolysis test of plastic identification

Pyrolysis test identification method is to heat the plastic in the pyrolysis tube to the pyrolysis temperature, and then use litmus paper or pH paper to test the pH value of the escaped gas to identify the method. Test results of litmus and pH test paper of common plastic pyrolysis products.

4, through the combustion test of plastic identification

Combustion test identification method is to use a small fire to burn plastic samples, observe the flammability of plastic in the fire and outside the fire, and pay attention to the drop form and smell of molten plastic after flameout to identify the type of plastic.

Post time: Dec-14-2022