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Sampromold CMM

Sampromold CMM
Introduction of instrument
Three coordinate measuring instrument is refers to in the space range of a hexahedron, can show geometric shape, length and circumference division and other measurement capabilities of the instrument, also known as three coordinate measuring machine or three coordinate measuring bed. Three coordinates measuring instrument can define “a kind of can make three direction of the probe, can be in three perpendicular guide rail, the detector to contact or non-contact methods such as transmission signal, three axis displacement measurement system (such as grating feet) through work pieces such as data processor or the computer calculation of each point (x, y, z) and various functions of measuring instruments”. The measuring function of CMM should include dimensional accuracy, positioning accuracy, geometric accuracy and contour accuracy.
Introduction to folding machine
Structure: three axis granite, all around the German movable bridge structure
Transmission mode: DC servo system + pre-load high-precision air bearing
Length measurement system :RENISHAW open grating scale, resolution 0.1μm
Probe system: Renishaw controller, Renishaw probe, Renishaw probe
Machine: high precision (grade 00) granite platform
Operating environment: temperature (20±2)℃, humidity 40%-70%, temperature gradient 1℃/m, temperature change 1℃/h
Air pressure: 0.4Mpa-0.6mpa
Air flow :25 L/min
Length accuracy MPEe: ≤2.1+L/350 (μm)
Detection ball accuracy MPEp: ≤2.1μm

Post time: Apr-23-2022