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Zhongshan Sampromold Co., Ltd is committed to extrusion blow mould designing,manufacturing.The company’s main site is in Zhongshan, branch is in Suzhou.

The company owns a successful business with about 70 employees which has grown to become one of Chinese leading extrusion blow moulding factory. With a long-standing experience and a clear focus on extrusion blow moulding design, Sampromold is always a step ahead regarding the technical-know and craftsmanship of its team.

We have gathered a deep knowledge of every aspect of the blow moulding process, from the big picture to the last detail, so we know which steps of the design and production stages need to be focused on. Our team of experts has the ability to set up the equipment to tap its full potential.


We have high precision equipments,such as Sweden CNC machining center, Beijing Jingdiao, Japanese precision grinding machine, three axis automatic EDM, CNC lathe, three axis CNC deep hole drilling machine, three dimensional detector, three dimensional laser number reading machine and other high precision mold manufacturing and testing equipment.

 The company mainly provides high quality molds for the packaging industry in the fields of daily chemical, lubricating oil, medicine, chemical, food and so on. The service brands are: Estee Lauder, L 'Oreal, Unilever,P&G,ALPLA,Graham, Mentholatum, Mobil, Shell,Caltex, Mayinglong, Harbin, PetroChina, Mengniu, Zilin, etc.

As a full service provider, we take care of all tasks involved in a project, from the planning to the blow moulding design to the validation, and we ensure that every single part produced in our premises meets the highest quality standards. Our service delivery remains active until the client, already able to produce marketable goods on its own, asks us to cease our support activities.

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